Los Alamos Bear Festival

Sandia Mountain Bear Collaborative was represented at the Bear Festival on August 24. The event was great and well-attended! The event was hosted at the Pajarito Environmental Education Center. At the SMBC table, we discussed bear safety, hiking with predators, and how not to feed bears.

Two volunteers at the SMBC table in Los Alamos

Vendors and face painters, along with other bear safety organizations were represented, and bear safety demonstrations were given by wildlife biologist Daryl Ratajczak.

Article and FB Post

Scientific American has this article about the pinon and it’s potential  in the western US.  A lot of the climate change impacts on nature are seen here before most places,  although this article  also suggests that the fluctuation in trees could be due to previous abundance.  

In this post, a bear attempts to get into a trash can in Los Alamos County.  A bear-resistant trash can stops her,  and may well save her life!

2018 Bear Fair Video!

We all had a great time at the 2018 Bear Fair hosted at the Albuquerque Zoo.  This video, made by Frank  Michel, captures some of the events and people present.  Thank you, Frank!

The beginning show a mother bear and her three cubs captured on trail cams in the Sandia Mountains.  The mom and her first cub have black fur, while her second cub has cinnamon-colored fur, and the third has some blond in his fur.  However, they are all Black Bears.

Sandia Mountain Bear Collaborative at the Party in the Park!

The Party in the Park is an annual  event hosted by the High Desert Residential Homeowner Association.  This is the second year the SMBC has been there.  We had a table  with information packets, flyers for the 2018 Bear Fair, and of course, some bear scat!  The scat is part of our  dietary analysis of the bears in the Sandia Mountains, which science students at Sandia High School help us analyse!

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